Saturday, 15 February 2020

The love for three oranges

Inspired by this oil painting of Seville oranges by Christina Bingle spotted in the Stirrup Cup pub in Bisley, Gloucestershire and purchased on 14 February, 2020.

Painting by Chris Beagle, marmalade and poem by Sandi Rhys Jones

Whilst roses are red, it ought to be said
they still get the bends, despite trimming their ends.
Whilst violets are blue, they really won’t do
unless they’re from Parma or, since you ask,
coated in chocolate or come in a flask
as eau de cologne by Ms Jo Malone.

So ditch the traditional, be more original
like my clever chap (let’s give him a clap).
He spotted a painting, quietly waiting
for someone to spy it, get on and buy it.
A still life scene for a marmalade queen
- it must be a sign. Be my Valentine.

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